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More Green for DreamWorks

8 Nov, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

The green ogre has done it again.

DreamWorks Home Entertainment announced today that its Shrek 2 video release set a three-day sales record, with consumers picking up 12.1 million combined VHS and DVD units of the animated fractured fairy tale during the title's weekend debut. Shrek 2 streeted Friday, Nov. 5.

A record 11 million of those sales came from the studio's loaded DVD release, according to DreamWorks. The supplier estimates three-day sales of the title generated about $185 million in retail revenue.

“This record pace is reflective of the movie's broad appeal — everyone from kids, parents and general audiences are adding Shrek 2 to their DVD library," said Kelley Avery, worldwide head of DreamWorks Home Entertainment. “With the Shrek 2 marketing campaign now in full swing and an extensive effort continuing through the holidays, our replenishment efforts are fully underway.”

The Shrek 2 DVD is already on track to surpass the original Shrek DVD, which, with 13.5 million DVD units sold, is the No. 6 selling DVD of all time, according to Home Media Research (formerly Video Store Magazine market research).

Shrek 2 hit theaters early this summer and earned about $437 million at the box office, making it the third highest grossing film in the U.S. market and the highest grossing animated film ever.

Animation competitor Disney's latest Pixar release, The Incredibles hit theaters the same day Shrek 2 streeted on video and topped the weekend with roughly $70 million at the box office, according to Hollywood Reporter estimates. That trails Shrek 2's first-weekend theatrical earnings of $108.3 million, the biggest ever for an animated title, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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