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More of Everything Planned for <I>Angels</I> DVD

1 Jul, 2003 By: Fred Topel

If Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle feels like it's overflowing with action and sexuality, be prepared. The filmmakers are planning on releasing an unrated cut of the film in addition to the theatrical cut, to be sold separately, when the film hits DVD after its summer run. Director McG said he had to trim several scenes to maintain a ‘PG-13' tone.

“The film was too crazy,” McG said. “It was too sexual. It was too violent. I had to back off. Wait until you see the DVD.”

Producer Nancy Juvonen expanded on some of the unrated details. “It's McG's fantasy,” Juvonen said. “The [fight on the] ship's hull had a lot more violence than it does now and a lot more blood, a lot more grit, as there were in other scenes along the way. I think the idea is that's not really for young kids. But it certainly makes it a little more edge-of-your-seat.”

McG agreed that he had to balance the theatrical cut for a younger audience. “For a mother with a 12-year-old daughter, maybe they're not so hot to get that [sex and violence] out there,” McG said. “It's so difficult to achieve that balance because I want to be like, this isn't just a girl movie. Because we have three female leads, I want it to be all about women being powerful and a fourth-wave feminist offering but at the same time, I want 19-year-old kids in Oakland Raiders jackets to be like, ‘Hey, I can go see that movie, too. It's for me also.' It's finding that balance, and it's slippery.”

Among the stars, however, there is debate about whether to restore the violence or the sexuality. Star Lucy Liu recalled some shots in an action sequence that currently remain on the cutting- room floor.

“There was some blood, it was grittier,” Liu said. “You'll see blood flying out of Dylan's [Drew Barrymore] mouth when she gets [hit.] She gets pummeled in the scene.”

Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, would rather see more sex. “I don't like watching violence,” Diaz said. “I'd much rather see more skin than violence.”

Producer Juvonen hopes to include a variety of extra features on the DVD, many of which are being discussed before the film hits theaters. One plan is to offer a selection of “fun” extras and more traditional informational documentaries.

“We're doing a hybrid of one very new, young hip DVD company and a little bit more of a traditional company,” Juvonen said. “[The producer who] did our [electronic press kit] was on set with us all the time.

And this other team is really a lot of fun.”

Some of the “fun” plans include a pajama-party audio commentary with the three actresses, an animated “Angels” adventure using Barbie dolls, and pop-up comments from co-star Bernie Mac.

Juvonen thinks fans of the original Charlie's Angels DVD will get even more out of the sequel's disc when it is produced.

“We've got more energy going into this one than the first one,” she said.

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