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Monterey Taps Advocacy Marketing

15 Feb, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Monterey Media continues to take a path less traveled among DVD marketers.

The distributor is working with lawyers' organizations for the March 7 release of The Exonerated (DVD $24.95), about six defendants whose death row sentences were overturned.

Directed by anti-capital-punishment advocate and actor Tim Robbins, the 2005 original Court TV movie stars Brian Dennehy, Danny Glover, Delroy Lindo, Aidan Quinn, Susan Sarandon and David Brown Jr.

Monterey recruited the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, National Legal Aid and Defender Association, the Justice Project, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers to generate unit sales and publicity.

In exchange for posting a banner link on their Web sites and newsletters, Monterey will offer a portion of the sales back to the organizations. The film also is available by license agreement for fund-raising events coordinated by the organizations.

“We will have 6 million dedicated media impressions for Exonerated,” said Scott Mansfield, CEO of Monterey Media.

Monterey incorporated alternative marketing after generating $1.2 million in single-day revenue at 503 churches and 100 AMC theaters for Indigo. The company duplicated the strategy for The Blue Butterfly by marketing it to charitable and church organizations.

Both films are also available as an “Event in a Box.” This $25 set includes the DVD, T-shirt, Lance Armstrong-style wristband, rub-on tattoos and donation forms to the organizations involved.

“Outreach marketing has really created a difference for our company,” Mansfield said. “Producers come to us because they know we think outside the box and use alternative means to energize a core audience out there.”

Next up: The documentary Nobility, addressing environmental issues, will be co-marketed with Earth Day events.

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