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Mobile Entertainment Streaming is Rapidly Growing Industry

21 Apr, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Video and music streamed via the Internet to mobile phones and PDAs is becoming a mainstream entertainment delivery vehicle.A new market study from The Insight Research Corporation estimates mobile streaming will generate more than $27 billion in network-derived and content-derived revenue in the United States by 2011.

Boonton, N.J.-based Insight said the streaming market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 32% over the next five years, driven by on-demand audio, on-demand video, as well as accompanying advertising revenue.

“The U.S. streaming-media market has entered a growth phase, meaning it is experiencing realistic and sustainable growth," said Robert Rosenberg, Insight Research president. “The forecasts that we present are conservative and in line with current performance. If, however, per-stream costs drop faster then anticipated, we have quicker acceptance of IPTV, or improvements in 3G delivery take place faster than expected, it could blow the doors off of our forecasts, propelling this industry into explosive growth.”

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