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Millions of 3-D Glasses Ready for DreamWorks Ads

26 Jan, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey


American Paper Optics has announced it has manufactured 125 million sets of 3-D glasses for 3-D commercials from DreamWorks Animation and SoBe Lifewater airing during the Super Bowl.

The company was responsible for 3-D glasses found in Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment’s Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert DVD and Warner Home Video’s Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD.

DreamWorks and Pepsi — which owns SoBe — are engaged in one of the largest advertising events ever, with a 90-second 3-D Monsters vs. Aliens spot and a 60-second 3-D SoBe Lifewater commercial. The millions of glasses are being distributed for free at Pepsi displays in 25,000 retail locations nationwide.

The glasses can also be used for a 3-D episode of “Chuck” airing on NBC Feb. 2.

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