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Microsoft Promises Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on for Holidays

7 Aug, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

The HD DVD add-on drive for Xbox 360 will be here for the holidays, and it will be the cheapest entry point to high-definition for consumers, said Kevin Collins, senior program manager for HD DVD for Microsoft.

Collins wouldn't announce specific date or price information on the anticipated product, but using a pre-release prototype drive, he showed the audience at Monday's Entertainment Media Expo the first public demonstration with a Phantom of the Opera HD DVD disc from Warner Home Video.

Collins made a point of showing the audience the actual disc and drive before navigating through the scene-selection menu of the disc.

“See, nothing up my sleeves,” he said. “It's the real thing.”

The drive connects to Xbox 360 with a USB 2.0 cable and uses the gaming device's audio/video connections. “The external option was the way to go,” Collins said.

According to Microsoft internal research, “not all gamers are HD playback people,” he said.

Microsoft estimates that 64% of Xbox owners have HDTV displays and 30% of people intending to purchase game consoles have HD-capable displays.

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