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Microsoft Confirms Netflix on Xbox 360 at E3

14 Jul, 2008 By: John Gaudiosi

LOS ANGELES — Microsoft Corp. has added Netflix Inc.'s content to its Xbox Live Video Marketplace, the company announced at the E3 Media Summit held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

“Netflix has revolutionized the movie industry and now that service is available free to all Xbox Live members and Netflix subscribers,” said John Schappert, corporate VP of Xbox Live. “Xbox 360 is the only game system to offer this content at no additional cost to Xbox Live gamers.”

In addition to having access to Netflix movies, gamers will be able to share their Netflix movies and TV content with their friends online. As part of the new Xbox Live software update this fall, gamers will be able to have Xbox Live parties with others around the country and watch movies together from different locations.

Microsoft's Xbox Live has 12 million subscribers worldwide and a new member joins every five seconds. Since the Xbox 360 launch, consumers have spent more than $1 billion on Xbox Live. Users have downloaded over half-billion pieces of content. Schappert said one-third of all paid US Xbox Live downloads in the United States are movies and TV shows.

There currently are more than 10,000 movies and TV shows available on Xbox Live, which is the world's largest provider of on-demand HD movies and TV content — larger than any cable or satellite provider.

“There's no need to visit the video store or search through a pile of discs any more,” Schappert said. “Xbox 360 offers more entertainment than any other device connected to your TV.”

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