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Miami Vice on DVD?

10 Jul, 2003 By: Thomas K. Arnold

“Miami Vice” won't be coming to DVD anytime soon.

Universal Entertainment's Michael Denzel sent a notice to the 1980 crime drama's fan site, www.miami-vice.org, saying that a DVD release is “nearly impossible” because of difficulties in getting rights to the music that was featured in the show.

According to Denzel's notice, “We have no intention of releasing ‘Miami Vice' at any time in the near future.”

Denzel further notes that the issue of “music clearance/royalties” has been “a major contingency for the production of consumer DVD boxed sets from other popular shows.”

Denzel also blasted fan-site members who had deluged Universal with e-mails about the program's DVD fate. In particular, he decried “false rumors” and “hateful and negative feedback” from irate fans, and “suggested” to the fan site's operator that the forum section be “permanently removed” if the issue was not resolved.

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