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MGMHE Scales <I>Grizzly Mountain</I>

31 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

MGM Home Entertainment will release Miracle Entertainment's Escape To Grizzly Mountain video and DVD starting Feb.19.

"We are pleased that Escape To Grizzly Mountain, a film that will appeal to all ages, is going to be available for American families to enjoy in their homes," said Miracle Entertainment chairman and CEO Tony Cataldo. "Escape To Grizzly Mountain'' is the sequel to 1998's Grizzly Mountain, which aired on the Showtime Cable Network and pay-per-view and sold more than 235,000 videocassettes."

Tomorrow Film Corp. negotiated the video and DVD distribution deal. Tomorrow Films is the film's exclusive worldwide distributor and continues to negotiate television and video distribution around the world.

Escape To Grizzly Mountain'' stars Dan Haggerty as a mountain man from the 1870's in this story of a young boy named Jimmy. On a visit to the circus Jimmy befriends an animal trainer named Charlie Yellowhorse. The boy also witnesses the abuse of a young bear cub by the circus owners and affectionately names the bear cub Dudley.

Charlie tells Jimmy of a sacred cave on Grizzly Mountain where the pure of heart can pass through a time portal to the year 1870. Jimmy devises a plan to rescue Dudley from the circus and help him escape to Grizzly Mountain and pass through the time portal. However, Dudley is the star attraction at the circus and the owners will do anything they can to prevent Jimmy's plan from succeeding.

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