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MGM and Best Buy Bond

31 Jan, 2002 By: Joan Villa

MGM Home Entertainment and electronics retailer Best Buy will join forces to promote the Thanksgiving 2002 release of the as-yet-unnamed 20th James Bond movie., which stars Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry.

Best Buy will set up merchandising sections with DVD boxed sets, interactive toys and games, soundtracks, and licensed product.

The theatrical trailer will play exclusively in stores and on BestBuy.com to bring anticipation for the theatrical event, while MGM is developing an in-store incentive to drive customer to theaters, such as a free movie ticket or a discount with the purchase of past Bond sets, according to MGM EVP of marketing Blake Thomas. "The Best Buy customer is the kind of customer that's a heavy user of media of all kinds," said Thomas. "They are deeply into pop culture and are a great target audience for a theatrical promotion."

Thomas explained that the chain will also feature Bond products in ad circulars sent to 50 million consumers, offer a Bond-themed sweepstakes and host a special "technology truck" outfitted with the high-tech gadgets made famous in Bond films.

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