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Mexican TV Soaps Headed to DVD

13 Oct, 2004 By: Angelique Flores

Xenon Pictures, an independent supplier of urban and Spanish-language home video product, is releasing two Mexican soap operas, or “telenovelas,” on DVD this fall.

“Abrázame Muy Fuerte” and “Niña Amada Mia” bow on disc Oct. 18 at $19.99 each.

Each set includes more than three hours of programming along with such extras as actor biographies and photo galleries.

Telenovelas typically last as long as 200 episodes, but for the DVD release the original screenwriters were called in to edit the programs to maintain the storyline and provide new viewers with enough background information to understand what's going on.

“Abrázame Muy Fuerte” and “Niña Amada Mia” are both produced by Mexico's Grupo Televisa, the world's largest producer of Spanish-language programming.

Both soaps are extremely popular among Spanish-speaking viewers, according to Xenon's Susan Self, the company's director of media relations.

“Telenovelas are an extraordinary example of crossover success,” Self said. “Their huge appeal to people of such widely divergent cultures — Russian, Muslim, Chinese — reflects the genre's ability to tap into viewers' universal belief of an underlying moral order, which is the basic framework of a telenovela plot line.”

“Abrázame Muy Fuerte” was voted best telenovela of the year in the latest TV y Novelas Awards.

The soap tells the story of Christina, the daughter of a wealthy landowner who disgraces her family by falling in love and having a child with one of her father's laborers. The angry father forces Christina to give the child away and marry someone else, but in the end true love triumphs.

“Niña Amada Mia” stars top Mexican TV star Sergio Goyri and Karyme Lozano, one of People en Español's “50 Most Beautiful People.”

The telenovela follows the life of Don Clemente, a wealthy widower with three young daughters. He finds a new wife and becomes increasingly controlling as his daughters age, eventually forcing them into unwanted marriages with rich men.

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