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Metabeam, Gracenote Team to Make Smartphones Into Media Hubs

17 Apr, 2009 By: Billy Gil


Remote control software company Metabeam and disc database company Gracenote have entered into an agreement to help make Web-enabled smartphones into media control hubs.

Gracenote’s VideoID technology will identify DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and provide rich metadata to the user, including chapter names and time indexes, with Metabeam’s Metamenu system. The techonology allows users to send information about what they’re watching to friends and browse through titles with similar criteria without stopping the program being watched.

Metabeam additionally will offer free and open access to development tools for DVD-ROM and Blu-ray Disc projects, in which optical disc authors can add links to the Metamenu system, among other features. DVD and Blu-ray Discs in Gracenote’s database will automatically be able to use Metamenu Smart Remote.

“Gracenote is enabling Metabeam to present consumers with a more intelligent, compelling and satisfying media control interface,” said William Schulze, director of business development for Gracenote. “Gracenote provides disc recognition and corresponding metadata, and Metamenu assembles a custom remote control interface on-the-fly.”

The Meteamenu Remote for DVD on computers is now available as an app for the iPhone and iPod touch at the iTunes App Store.

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