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MERCHANDISING: Summer Offers Are Heating Up

8 May, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Catch Me If You Can DVD shoppers caught some freebies at retail last week. At a Costa Mesa, Calif., Target location, shelftalkers all over the DVD section touted the store's offer of a free bag of Snickers Bites with the purchase of the DreamWorks disc.

A local Best Buy offered an instant $10 gift card to shoppers who grabbed Catch Me along with any one of the following DreamWorks releases: Road to Perdition, Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report or Gladiator. Catch Me DVD shoppers at a nearby Costco got the option of a $5 mail-in rebate.And last week's retailers were ready to reel in DVD shoppers with their first summer tie-ins.

There were plenty of DVDs from Buena Vista's recent animated release of X-Men: Legend of Wolverine stocked in the “DVD Best Sellers” section at Best Buy for $17.99. Costco loaded up on the title, too, and offered an impulse price of $12.99.At Target, X-Men: Legend of Wolverine cassettes were prominently stocked among kid titles and VHS new releases.

Of the retailers visited, Target was the only one to play up Anchor Bay's double-disc set The Incredible Hulk Collection, released last week. The title was displayed with the new releases and on several endcaps for a competitive $15.99. Though the Hulk Collection was not snappily merchandised at Best Buy, the retailer did highlight the title in its weekly flyer for the area at $19.99.

Best Buy also recently beefed up its Matrix DVD stock, pricing the disc at a special $11.99 last week. The store also devoted a display to a selection of other Warner titles priced at two-for-$15.99.

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