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McDonald's Super Sizes Fitness Option

20 Apr, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

McDonald's, which has been toning up its image by offering healthier fruit and salad menu options, is leaping further into healthy lifestyle promotion, offering fitness DVDs rather than a “super size” with a new adult “Happy Meal.”

The fast food purveyor has teamed with game publisher ResponDESIGN to provide customers with fitness DVDs based on the ResponDESIGN's interactive video game fitness title Yourself! Fitness.

McDonald's will offer the new Go Active! Happy Meal for $4.29 from April 25 through May 22. It comes with any premium salad, a bottle of water or a drink, and the workout DVD.

The DVDs are customizable, offering 15-minute segments focusing on different methods like yoga, cardio, core conditioning and strength training.

Yourself! Fitness also is available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360 gaming systems.

McDonalds came under increased fire for its fattening menu when the 2004 documentary Super Size Me hit theaters and later DVD, featuring filmmaker Morgan Spurlock tracking his weight gain and health problems whilst sticking to a strict McDonald's-only diet for a month.

McDonald's also faced recent lawsuits, with plaintiffs claiming the fast food chain inspired their obesity.

McDonald's stock jumped 20% to $34.55 the day news of the fitness promotion broke.

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