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McCartney Disc Includes Secret Web Show

13 Dec, 2002 By: Holly J. Wagner

While Spider-Man fans are tuning in to a Dec. 15 Web chat with Tobey Maguire and J.K. Simmons, music aficionados can use Paul McCartney's Back In The U.S. Concert Film DVD Dec. 16 to access a 30-minute secret performance using a Web link embedded in that disc.

The link will give fans access to never-before-seen performances taken from Macca's triumphant, sold-out, record-setting tour. The secret website will also contain rare unseen moments with Macca, his band and backstage crew.

"The album, DVD and this secret website are a constant memory of the tour with a built-in ticket to the future," said McCartney. "We couldn't get everything into the DVD feature and the television special, so the idea to be able to give both PC and Apple users a 'secret' concert and more of the backstage footage is just fantastic to me."

The Web-interactive content marks the first time in history that PC and Apple users will be able to access the same content. After learning that to date only PC users were able to access Web-based content of this nature, McCartney met with Apple's Steve Jobs and the staff of InterActual, Inc., the software company behind a variety of studios' Web-enabled DVD features.

Apple users with OS9 will be able to access the exclusive Web-based content on the Back In The U.S. DVD, a two-hour "rock 'n road movie," with footage of more than 30 classic songs filmed at shows across America. Additional content takes fans inside McCartney's just completed tour, giving access to areas previously kept private from the public such as the dressing rooms, the back seat of his personal limo and his chartered jet. The DVD is presented in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Access to the Paul McCartney Secret Web site is only available through the Back In The U.S. DVD. Users can simply insert the DVD into any computer and click on the web link on the main menu. It is available with the following minimum integrated system and software components: InterActual Player (included); Microsoft Windows 98SE with Internet Explorer 5.0 browser or Apple Mac OS9; 128 MB RAM; Internet connection: DVD-ROM drive.

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