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Maverick Gets <I>Swirl</I>

18 Jul, 2002 By: Hive News

Maverick Entertainment has obtained U.S. distribution rights to the comedy Swirl.

The deal was finalized here in Las Vegas during the convention, according to Maverick founder and president Doug Schwab.

Swirl stars Carl Anthony Payne, who has appeared in such TV shows as “Martin” and “The Cosby Show.”

Payne stars as “Beethoven” in the film about a black man and his best friend -- a blonde, blue-eyed, white girl named Sarah. The two, who have been best friends all their lives, remain inseparable until Beethoven enrolls in an all-black college.

The comedy begins two years after they have graduated when Sarah decides she wants to take her relationship with Beethoven from platonic to romantic.

Beethoven is torn between his feelings for Sarah and his disapproval of interracial relationships.

Schwab said the acquisition is part of Maverick's attempts to remain a leader in the urban marketplace while forging “key alliances that enable us to steadily acquire higher-profile product.”

Maverick, which recently struck out on its own after a partnership with York Entertainment, will soon appoint a key salesperson, to be announced shortly.

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