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Marts <i>Hunch</i> Down On DVD Deals

21 Mar, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

By the looks of Kmart's Sunday circular last week, the discounter scored a Disney dollars-off deal for the Hunchback of Notre Dame II. In the ad, part of the video page was devoted to promoting a “Kmart exclusive” offer in which customers who bought Hunchback II on VHS or DVD, along with either format of the original Hunchback, Atlantis, Cinderella II or Peter Pan got an instant $4 off. At a Southern California location, VHS copies of Hunchback II were heavily stocked on a merchandiser near checkout, but the DVDs were only located in a glass display case in the video section with other new DVD releases. However, at nearby Wal-Mart and Best Buy locations, all Hunchback II titles were stickered with a $5 mail-in rebate offer for anyone who bought the title on VHS or DVD along with the original animated Hunchback movie. Best Buy and Wal-Mart merchandised both formats together on Disney displays.Wal-Mart flagged the Riding in Cars With Boys DVD with a promise to beat competitor pricing. A shelftalker hung near the DVD stock of the title said “Save on their sale price” with the Riding in Cars advertisement from Kmart's circular cut and pasted onto the sign. Wal-Mart's price was 13 cents less.

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