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Many Videos Using Fitness Accessories

30 Nov, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

It's a fitness fact that exercisers will get more results physically and mentally if they add variety to their workout regimens.

One way to achieve this is by adding an accessory to the workout -- hand weights, a band, a ball, etc. -- and there are plenty of titles in the video pipeline that take advantage of these items.

One of the most popular accessory items these days is the stability ball, according to Jill Ross, director of product acquisitions for Collagevideo.com, an online fitness video retailer online source on at-home exercise. Collage evaluates fitness videos and offers a phone hotline and online survey that consumers can use to get advice on the best video workouts for their exercise goals.

Stability balls, or balance balls, are inflated balls made of heavy-duty plastic that are used in toning exercises and abdominal workouts.

“Very often it's the same people who are doing [regular workouts] who also like stability balls,” Ross said. “[The ball] just adds a sense of variety and also is very fun to use.”

Stability ball workouts on the market include Anchor Bay Entertainment's Stability Ball Workout for Dummies as well as Inspired Video's The Method: Target Specifics -- Stability Ball Workout and Gaiam's “Balance Ball Fitness” video series. Natural Journeys offers Pilates programs that incorporate stability ball training with the “On the Ball” series of videos.

Koch Vision offers The Zone Fat Burning Ball Workout and Pilates Mat Workout.

Koch's new “Trainer's Edge” line incorporates hand weights, weighted balance bars and jump rope exercises.

“As you master these programs, you can make them more challenging by adding weights or a jump rope,” said Lucille Dean, director of marketing and product development for Koch.

With workouts like these, viewers can also go the opposite route and do the exercises without the added equipment.

Other fitness add-ons, like yoga mats, are almost essential, Ross said. The sticky texture helps with positioning and technique, she said.

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