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Macrovision Invests in iVAST

25 Jun, 2001 By: Hive News

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Macrovision Corporation, leading copy protection and digital rights management company, has invested in Santa Clara-Calif.-based iVAST Inc., a leading MPEG-4 software platform provider.

Macrovision joined SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Sun Microsystems Inc. and existing investors BCE Capital, Centennial Ventures, Vanguard Ventures, Venture Strategy Partners and VulcanVentures in iVAST's third round of financing which totaled $25 million.

Macrovision and iVAST also intend to integrate encryption, digital rights management and copy protection solutions into the iVAST MPEG-4 platform for digital media, interactive TV and video-on-demand services. Both companies are members of the Internet Streaming MediaAlliance (ISMA).

"Macrovision is a proven leader in rights management, copy protection and tamper-resistant technologies with strong business relationships throughout the content and hardware communities," saidElliot Broadwin, c.e.o. at iVAST.

"Embedding these powerful content protection tools inside the iVAST MPEG-4 media delivery platform willenable content owners to confidently distribute their media assets to the broadest array of platforms and devices."

"Macrovision has been very successful in providing copy protection and digital rights management technologies for the home video andinteractive entertainment software industries. We see a great opportunity in aligning ourselves with a technology leader like iVAST as we move forward into the growing digital media, interactivetelevision and video-on-demand markets," said Bill Krepick, president and c.o.o. of Macrovision.

"With an advanced and secure MPEG-4 based digital rights management system, content owners can take fulladvantage of broadband network revenue opportunities, while protecting their intellectual property and minimizing the unauthorized use anddistribution of their content," said Krepick.

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