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Lucas' ‘THX' to Debut on DVD

24 May, 2004 By: Lyndsey Shinoda

Director George Lucas' first film, the sci-fi adventure THX 1138, makes its DVD debut Sept. 14 from Warner Home Video in a two-disc collector's edition featuring a director's cut of the film.

THX 1138 (1971), produced by Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope studios, stars Robert Duvall. The story follows one man's quest to realize his own potential amid an oppressive society.

“This is an important film. It was the debut of one of the great filmmakers of our time. It's also a very topical and prescient film. It presents a vision of the future that I think is startling and perhaps a little closer to the truth than many people want to admit,” said Michael Radiloff, Warner's VP, theatrical catalog marketing. “This has clearly been a passion product from the beginning. And I think we have DVD packaging that is as startling as the film itself.”

On top of the film, the DVD release of THX 1138: The George Lucas Director's Cut features two new documentaries: A Legacy of Filmmakers: The Early Years of American Zoetrope, a look at the rise of the independent studio founded by Coppola, and Artifact From the Future, an exploration of the making of THX 1138.

The hourlong Zoetrope documentary features new interviews with Coppola, Lucas, Duvall, Martin Scorsese, Walter Murch and more.

Disc one features Lucas and co-writer and sound designer Murch providing audio commentary, while disc two offers Electronic Labryinth THX 1138 4EB, the award-winning short film Lucas made while a student at the University of Southern California.

Warner and LucasFilm collaborated on a complete digital restoration of THX 1138. A single-disc version of the director's cut of the film and aforementioned commentary also will be available.

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