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‘Training Day' Leads the Pack at the Rental and Sales Counter

28 Mar, 2002 By: Judith McCourt

Warner Home Video's Training Day took home the gold at the rental and sales counter for the week ending March 24, as best actor Oscar winner Denzel Washington added two more wins — top seller and top rental release — to his list.

Training Day posted combined DVD and VHS unit sales that were were six times more than No. 2 seller, Buena Vista Home Entertainment's The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, according to VideoScan First Alert data.

Released day and date at a VHS sellthough price, the cop thriller unseated Cinderella II as the top cassette seller, sending her to the No. 3 spot on the VHS sellers chart. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame II snagged the No. 2 slot. It was also the top DVD seller for the week.

On the rental side, Training Day grabbed $15.13 million in rental revenue in its first five days of release, placing it No. 9 among opening week debuts of all-time and No. 3 for 2002, behind Universal Studios Home Video's The Fast and the Furious ($18.65 million) and American Pie 2 ($16.69 million).

In aggregate, the top 20 DVD sellers sold almost three times as many units as the top 20 VHS sellers for the week. DVD sales were dominated by theatrical releases favoring the teen-plus market with eight of the top 10 sellers appealing to that demographic. As a counterpoint, direct-to-video releases dominated cassette sales, with seven of the top 10 sellers making their first bow on video.

New releases helped keep video rental spending on par with the same week last year as consumers shelled out $227.46 million renting videos and DVDs for the week. Among new releases boosting rentals was Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment's Riding in Cars With Boys (No.7, $7.36 million). The chick flick, starring Drew Barrymore, grossed $29.8 million at the box office, placing it in a sweet rental spot to reap a steady revenue stream from those who missed it in theaters. Other debs on the top 50 rental list were Buena Vista's The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (No. 24, $1.2 million) and Paramount Home Entertainment's Focus (No. 47, $250,000).

Heading into the final week of the first quarter, combined rental spending registered $2.31 billion, up 4.8 percent from the $2.21 billion spent in the first 12 weeks of 2001.

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