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‘Star Wars' Boxed Sets and Video Games Have Stellar Openings

23 Sep, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

“Star Wars” DVD boxed sets and Star Wars Battlefront video games turned in a $115 million performance on street date, but neither 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment nor LucasFilm would divulge how much of that was the long-awaited DVD boxed set.

“We had nine midnight openings in seven different markets around he country and had really phenomenal interest in those. We had about 500 people at each one,” said Best Buy spokesman Brian Lucas. “The fan base is very passionate, and the response to a midnight opening is pretty big. It is definitely meeting our expectations, and our expectations were very large for this.”

The DVD set has yet to debut in Japan, Australia, Benelux countries and Mexico, and the LucasArts game launched internationally last week.

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