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‘Spawn' Creator Is the Subject of A Documentary

28 Mar, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

A guy in a blue baseball cap sits in his office doodling on notepaper as he places bids over the telephone — bids that go up in $100,000 increments. The amateur cameraman filming him gets more excited as the bid goes higher — and his filming gets worse.

The home video footage of McFarlane placing his $2.7 million bid for Mark McGwire's 70th home run ball was filmed by his friend and former college roomate Al Simmons (the namesake of McFarlane's “Spawn” comic book character) and is being released for the first time on Todd McFarlane: The Devil You Know, streeting from Docurama April 26.

McFarlane said he was a little nonplussed about having a documentary created about his life. “I thought you were supposed to be like 65 or dead or something first,” McFarlane joked. “The way I think of it is that this is only part one if I do my job right.”

McFarlane's million-dollar baseball collecting days are in the past, he said and he's busier than ever running McFarlane Entertainment, his movie, video game and television production business, and McFarlane Toys. He's also the founder of Image Comics, home to “Spawn.”

McFarlane started his now illustrious artistic career at Marvel Comics where he worked on classics like “Spider-Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” (both characters are headed for the silver screen in the next year). McFarlane has also been nominated for Grammys for his directorial and animation work on videos for Pearl Jam and Korn.

The Devil You Know delves into McFarlane's personal and business life and shows how his Type A personality and keen business sense translated into the formation of a McFarlane media empire before the age of 40.

“I think they [documentary filmmakers] did a good job of showing the good, the bad and the indifferent,” McFarlane said. “Am I a good guy, a bad guy, a crazy man, smart as a fox, a family man? The answer is, to me, a little bit of all of it and I think this video shows that.”

The Devil You Know DVD ($24.95) offers a load of special features with a “Spawn” short film, a preview of the upcoming McFarlane Toys catalog, never-before-published photo stills and doodles McFarlane sketched in high school.

Spawn II is written and the script is in tha hands of Columbia Pictures, but don't expect a sequel, McFarlane said. “It's more of a reinvention,” he said. “It's ‘R'-rated and a non-special-effects movie. Think Seven meets L.A Confidential and throw in the boogeyman.”

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