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‘Passion' Supplier on Top of Box Office

14 Apr, 2004 By: Angelique Flores

With Easter having just passed, interest in the Mel-Gibson produced The Passion of the Christ drove Newmarket Films to the leading spot in market share for March.

Garnering nearly $190 million, Passion supplied most of the distributor's $197.1 million, with Monster putting up the rest at $7.1 million.

Warner Bros. trailed closely behind with $144.8 million, largely on the shoulders of the comedy Starsky & Hutch ($76.8 million). Other heavy hitters were Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed ($29.4 million) and the drama Taking Lives ($21.7 million).

Buena Vista stayed in the game at $90.8 million with Hidalgo ($56.4 million), a drama based on the true story of a 19th-century Arabian horse race. The Coen brothers' film, The Ladykillers ($12.6 million), also made a strong showing in its opening week.

Sony lost some steam, dropping to $72.6 million, but still carried one of the top movies, Secret Window ($40.6 million), a film adapted from a Stephen King novel and starring Johnny Depp.

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