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‘Incredibles' Coming March 15

17 Jan, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Buena Vista Home Entertainment (BVHE) and Pixar Animation Studios March 15 will release The Incredibles in their quickest theatrical-to-video release ever.

The title, one of the biggest box office hits of last year, also features a never-before-seen short, “Jack-Jack Attack,” a five-minute film that underscores the transformation of the youngest Incredibles family member when left at home with a babysitter.

The Incredibles, which earned $254 million at the box office and was the fourth-biggest earner of 2004, debuts on DVD and VHS in separate widescreen and full-screen two-disc editions at $29.99.

“[Incredibles' writer/director] Brad Bird came to us and told us he always wanted to tell the story of what happened when Jack-Jack was starting to exhibit his baby powers with the babysitter,” said Gordon Ho, SVP of marketing, BVHE. “‘Mike's New Car' was a nice short, but it didn't build up the movie Cars. This is in some ways is an integral part of the film that we are telling for the first time.”

Other extra material includes deleted scenes and a 20-minute alternate beginning; bloopers and blunders; a making-of vignette; secret files from the government's National Supers Agency database exposing the powers, alter egos and insecurities of characters Frozone, Blazestone, Downburst, Dynaguy, Everseer and Gamma Jack, among others; commentary and character interviews; the Oscar-nominated short film ‘Boundin'; an interview with ‘Boundin' creator Bud Luckey; an essay from Sarah Vowell, voice of Violet Parr and public radio documentarian; and the film's trailers, teasers, posters, billboards, lobby cards and bus shelters.

Ho said the advertising and marketing campaigns for Incredibles would rival those of Finding Nemo. From a promotional partner standpoint, they will be bigger than any previous Buena Vista video release.

“Our hope is to make this the biggest DVD release of the year,” Ho said. “Fortunately, our promotional partners recognized the scope and broad appeal of this film. The [as-yet-unnamed] partners include the usual fast-food restaurants, food products and home-care products.”

Earmarked for release prior to the Easter weekend as a family-themed product, The Incredibles shaves about 1-1/2 months off the six-month theatrical/retail window for Nemo, Ho said.

“It is always tough, because you don't want to release a movie before its theatrical run is done,” he said. “When you think about Easter, however, you think about family and getting together.”

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