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‘Hellboy' Double-Disc Due July 20

18 May, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Get ready for the “Right Hand of Doom” with Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment's Special Edition Hellboy DVD, which streets July 20 (prebook June 24).

In a quick turnaround (103 days) from its $56 million theatrical run, the tale of the Dark Horse Entertainment comic-book character Hellboy — Satan's son raised to become a superhero fighter of evil — arrives in a loaded double-disc set ($28.96).

The carefully crafted DVD is the result of an extensive collaboration between the film's director Guillermo Del Toro, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and the DVD's producer Javier Soto, a longtime Hellboy fan.

“Comic book movies or sci-fi/fantasy films really lend themselves to platinum treatment, especially Hellboy, because it really is a cult comic book,” Soto said. It's the diehard fans and anyone interested in filmmaking in general who will most appreciate the total Hellboy immersion this double-disc set offers, he said.

The film itself was a pet project for director Del Toro, also a longtime Hellboy fan, Soto said. Del Toro got things started early for the DVD release by having camera crews on hand during the entire length of filming and working closely with Mignola on the look of the film and the subsequent DVD.

In fact, Mignola lent a hand literally to two of the most unique elements of the Hellboy DVD, Soto said.

On disc one, viewers can choose to watch the movie in the “Right Hand of Doom” or “Branching DVD Comics” options. Mignola created an icon for Hellboy's supernatural right hand — also known as the Right Hand of Doom. When this icon appears onscreen during the run of the film, viewers can select it for behind-the-scenes footage of that particular scene.

It's footage that didn't run in the two-hour documentary from disc two, Soto said, “that really shows what it's like to be on the set when they're shooting”

With the “Branching DVD Comics” viewing option, whenever a new character is introduced into the Hellboy film, an icon appears on screen. Activating it leads to Mignola animations drawn especially for the DVD that clue viewers in to more of the backstory of each character.

“It's all new artwork that hasn't been seen before,” Soto said.

Also included on disc one is a video introduction from Del Toro; an audio commentary with Del Toro and Mignola; a cast audio commentary with Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Jeffrey Tambor and Rupert Evans; a feature-length storyboard track; a collection of animated shorts called “From the Den” Hellboy Recommends and DVD-ROM features.

Disc two includes a video introduction from Selma Blair and the in-depth “Hellboy: Seeds of Creation” documentary, which tracks the filmmaking process from its comic book roots through a nearly day-to-day linear look at the production schedule of the film, Soto said. Also on disc two are deleted scenes with optional director's commentary, character bios written by Del Toro, multi-angle storyboard comparisons and Motion Board-amatics.

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