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‘Felicity' Star Happy to Offer DVD Extras

3 Mar, 2005 By: Fred Topel

Keri Russell has been actively involved in each of the four seasonal releases of her star-making WB show “Felicity,” whose final season streets March 8 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment ($59.99).

A TV fan herself, Russell can understand the desire to own an entire season of one's favorite show and watch every episode in a marathon without commercials.

“I did that with ‘Sex and the City,’ she said. “I was sick one time, and I sat down and watched a whole season.”

The final installment of “Felicity” promises to have special extras on the DVD, she said, featuring the actors saying goodbye and reflecting on the end of an era.

“There was all this extra footage, because the very last scene we shot was a wedding scene,” Russell said. “They kept the cameras rolling, and they did this big toast. Everyone spoke, and everyone was crying. It was really sweet.”

Russell has done select episode commentaries for each season, but for the fourth one, she got to co-host an audio track with her co-star and collaborator, Scott Foley, on the graduation episode he directed. Even with a partner, Russell found it hard to think of 45 minutes worth of juicy stories to tell.

“Sometimes they stop the tape, and they're like, ‘OK, you guys aren't saying anything,’ Russell said.

Watching herself also made her self-conscious. “[I said things like] ‘Look how fat I look. Look at my hair. What am I wearing? How come you didn't tell me I looked so weird? You were standing right there,’ Russell said.

Russell hopes that her self-deprecating sense of humor will make the commentary entertaining for fans.

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