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‘Alfie' Director Charles Shyer, ‘A Real DVD Nut,' Keen on Extras

8 Feb, 2005 By: Fred Topel

Jude Law as Alfie

Director Charles Shyer calls himself “a real DVD nut.”

He applauds filmmakers who put together great DVDs, with lots of compelling bonus materials.

“I think they're brilliant,” he said. “It's like going to film school.

“They didn't have that when I was growing up.”

Not surprisingly, Shyer prepared loads of extra features for the DVD of his Alfie remake before the film's theatrical release.

Among the more compelling extras on the DVD, which streets March 15:

“We have a roundtable discussion on the look of the movie with a production designer and the editor and myself all talking about that,” Shyer said.

“We have a documentary on the making of the music on the Abby Road sessions with Mick [Jagger], Dave [Stewart] and John Powell.”

The segment on the film's music includes interviews with the legendary Rolling Stone.

“Mick's interviewed, and we have a music EPK (electronic press kit) that has a lot of Mick being interviewed, and how the songs evolved, with Mick and Dave talking about how they came up with them,” Shyer said.

Another segment, called “Deconstruction of a Scene,” features the filmmakers analyzing their own work for the audience.

“Our editor kind of deconstructs a whole sequence, a whole montage of where we started and how we ended up with it,” Shyer said.

“And [writer] Elaine [Pope] does the same with a scene that we wrote.”

In addition, Shyer recorded two commentary tracks, one with his editor, Padraic McKinley, and another with writer Pope.

The DVD also features deleted scenes, trailers and other featurettes.

One of Paramount's higher-profile titles for 2004, Alfie opened with tepid box office results in November.

Shyer said Paramount is going all out with the DVD because the studio has confidence in the title.

“Paramount expects the film to perform very well on DVD, and they seem to be excited about the whole package,” Shyer said.“They're going to include ‘The Women of Alfie' in the advertising, trying to broaden the overall appeal.”

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