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'The Lost' Found on DVD from Anchor Bay

7 Mar, 2008 By: Kyra Kudick

The Lost

Anchor Bay Entertainment March 18 releases the psychological thriller The Lost on DVD for $26.97.

Based on the novel by best-selling author Jack Ketchum, the film chronicles the journey of Ray Pye from small-town miscreant to sadistic sociopath bent on murder.

“I am always seeking out cool, edgy books,” said director Chris Sivertson at a screening of the film Feb. 29 at Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theaters in Los Angeles.

Sivertson adapted the book for the screen. “The characters just really stuck with me. I kind of got obsessed with Ray ... and the ending disturbed me so much. ... I really loved this novel and wanted to bring it to the screen.”

Sivertson's desire to be true to the novel led to a 300-page first draft of the screenplay.

“It was like the phone book. I could barely even lift it up!” he joked.

Sivertson said he kept Ketchum involved in the process of making the movie. Ketchum even plays a small roll as a bartender in the beginning of the film.

“He was excited as hell,” Sivertson said. “He was really into it ... and had a blast.”

Ketchum's involvement continues on the special features of the DVD, where he gives an audio commentary. Additional bonus materials include deleted scenes, outtakes, actor auditions and an Easter egg. “But I shouldn't say what that is,” Sivertson teased. “You just gotta look for it.”

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