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LodgeNet To Go Digital

7 Aug, 2002 By: Hive News

Hospitality industry broadband and interactive television services provider LodgeNet Entertainment Corp. today announced it has secured digital distribution rights from all the major motion picture studios.

This achievement makes LodgeNet the only in-room entertainment provider to digitally distribute movies from all the major studios over a specialized satellite distribution network. Encrypted movies are uplinked to satellites and downloaded to hotels installed with the company's digital interactive TV systems, enabling LodgeNet to update each hotel's movie lineup as soon as distribution windows open, as opposed to waiting for monthly tape changeouts. Movies are stored on a digital content server (DCS), offering guests on-demand availability without the title limitations of tape-based systems. LodgeNet's satellite/DCS network currently distributes movies to more than 195,000 hotel rooms.

"Digital movie distribution is an advantage only if you can draw from 100 percent of the major movie providers," said Steven D. Truckenmiller, VP Guest Pay Services for LodgeNet. "LodgeNet has worked diligently with our studio partners in proving the integrity of a satellite-based content delivery network capable of improving the guest room experience at our customer hotels."

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