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Local Video Rentailers Earn High Marks From Consumers

12 Aug, 2004 By: Judith McCourt

Rental transactions may be down, but frequent renters, women and households with children under the age of 12 gave high marks to their local video rentailer in a recent survey of DVD households.

Video Store Magazine's 2004 Consumer Home Entertainment Study asked households that had rented a DVD in the past 12 months to rate their primary rental location. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being “outstanding” and one being “not good at all,” renters were asked to evaluate their primary rental location and to rank the breadth and the depth of its rental inventory.

The study, which polled 600 DVD households, showed that 69 percent of all DVD households said they had rented at least one DVD in the 12-month period preceding the study. Blockbuster was the preferred rental location for 43 percent of the renters. Video specialty stores also scored well, with almost one-third of consumers stating that a video specialty store was their top choice for picking up a disc to rent.

Consumers who rent a video at least once a week doled out the highest marks of all renters surveyed to their primary rental location, giving their rentailer a score of 8.21 on the 10-point scale. Not surprisingly, the high marks corresponded to renters' satisfaction with the breadth and depth of inventory available. High frequency renters gave selection an 8.36 and the availability of new releases slightly lower marks at 7.86.

Women were more pleased with their video outlet than men, giving it a score of 8.06 compared to the 7.72 that men doled out. When it comes to what's on the shelf, women were also more satisfied than their male counterparts. When rating depth of copy, women handed out an 8.24, compared to a 7.97 for men. In terms of the perceived availability of new releases the scores were closer, with women giving a 7.87 compared to a 7.74 for men.

Households with children 12 and under also gave high marks to their local video store, with a rating of 8.09 compared to 7.83 for those households with no children. Households with children were also more satisfied than households with no children when judging the breadth of DVDs available for rent, giving it an 8.21 compared to an 8.06. The availability of new releases for rent scored lower with both groups, earning a 7.90 from households with kids compared to a 7.76 for households with no children under the age of 12.

On the value side of the equation, DVD renters thought that a DVD rental was just a fair value, assigning it a score of 6.39 on a scale of one to 10.

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