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Lionsgate 'Augments' Special Editions

14 Oct, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Special-edition DVD packaging is typically designed to attract attention at the cluttered retail level — especially during the frenetic fourth quarter — and to enhance collector appeal.

Lionsgate went to the artistic well for six upcoming DVD releases beginning Oct. 24 with Reservoir Dogs: 15th Anniversary Edition (DVD $19.98). The set's two DVDs are ensconced in a miniature gas can, folded into a replica of an “Uncle Bob's Pancake House” matchbook.

It's about appealing “directly to the core consumer,” said Anne Parducci, EVP of marketing and family entertainment. “Hopefully, the consumer who appreciates this movie will get a chuckle,” she said.

  • Lionsgate broke new ground when it designed the original Saw DVD packaging to look like a spinning circular saw blade. For Saw II: Special Edition (Oct. 24, $26.98), the studio continued the franchise's white-line look, atypical for a horror title. The lenticular package depicts an X-ray view of the pivotal key embedded in a skull, which appears and disappears when the DVD case is moved. “It is such a powerful opening scene [in the movie],” Parducci said.

  • Lionsgate's Nov. 28 release of the college comedy Van Wilder: Van Gone Wilder Edition ($19.98) should attract above-average curiosity, even if for no other reason than the package's “1-inch” protruding cleavage.

    “We had a lot of fun doing the ‘augmented' DVD case,” Parducci said. “We had fun passing it around the office. Hopefully, it will speak to the male college crowd — if not most males.”

  • Retro TV animation show “Speed Racer” returns Oct. 31 in Speed Racer Vol. 5 ($19.98). It includes a collectable miniature metal license plate.

  • The Best of Clifford The Big Red Dog (Nov. 7, $34.98) includes toys.

  • Finally, The Doors: 15th Anniversary DVD (Dec. 12, $19.98) features a purple psychedelic foil-wrapped DVD case.

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