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Lions Gate Debuting New Pilates Technique

10 Nov, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Lions Gate Home Entertainment is releasing the newest Pilates option into the home-fitness market with the Stott Pilates line.

The first five Stott titles — Be Kind to Your Spine, Simple Stretches, The Secret to Flat Abs, Firm & Fit and Core Challenge — street Dec. 21 at $14.98 on DVD and VHS.

Pilates programming and kinder, gentler workouts have dominated the fitness market for the past few years, and there is a plethora of different disciplines and Pilates techniques flooding the pipeline.

One area where the Stott discipline is unique is in the body-positioning of the movements during the workouts, said Beth Evans, programming director for Stott Pilates, noting Stott has trained more than 4,000 instructors in 50 different countries.

“We've really taken the approach of trying to update the original methods that Joseph Pilates was working with. We're definitely incorporating his techniques, but we're also making it more contemporary so that we are paying attention to the newest developments in exercise and spinal rehabilitation,” she said. The technique emphasizes a “neutral spine,” which retains more of a natural curvature in the shoulders and lower back area, she said.

Packaging cues on the Stott titles will indicate which of three difficulty levels the title boasts, said Kajsa Vikman, executive director of marketing for Lions Gate. Each DVD will include a bonus workout that previews the next level of difficulty, which should help brand the line in consumers' minds and also give them the opportunity to increase their skill levels, she said.

Lions Gate is working on account-specific promotions with major retailers and will use print ads to help establish the Stott brand, Vikman said. More titles will follow throughout 2005 to keep the momentum going.

“[Around] January is really the best time of year to launch a fitness line,” she said. “We will continue to release Stott titles with a second wave somewhere in the May time frame for people who want to get in shape and look good for summer, and a third wave sometime in the fall.”

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