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LG Downplays Lack of Interactivity in Dual-Format Player

22 Feb, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

LG's BH100 Super Multi Blue Player

LG Electronics is downplaying a USA Today review last week of the company's dual-format high-definition disc player that underscored the device's lack of interactivity features for HD DVD.

The $1,199 BH100 Super Multi Blue Player is the only high-definition disc player capable of playing both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats.

The Feb. 22 article claimed that HD DVD viewers wishing to access the bonus material might “be frustrated at times.” Tech editor Ed Baig wrote that without the intuitive menus he had difficulty finding the theatrical trailer, interviews, commentaries and related material for The Sting, The Departed and Hollywoodland.

LG spokesperson John Taylor, who said the company doesn't comment on product reviews, added revelations about the dearth of advanced menu interactivity while playing HD DVD discs were openly discussed and disseminated in press releases during the company's launch of the BH100 at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

He said LG has been a longtime supporter of the Blu-ray format and only included HD DVD capability for the BH100 late in the design process when it added “our secret sauce,” or a second a blue laser.

“I'm sorry you missed it,” said Taylor.

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