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Legendary Rocker Mick Fleetwood Tells IRMA Attendees to Embrace Change

14 Mar, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — Legendary Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood appeared at the annual International Recording Media Association forum to offer advice and motivation to members of an industry in the throes of change.

Fleetwood has been through many changes in his four-decade career with the seminal rock group, which includes a 15-year stint as manager of the band.

Be creative, be open, and don't let fear rule the day, Fleetwood said, after treating the room to a brief performance on his African talking drum.

“A fear-based philosophy is what cripples people,” he said.

He also admonished attendees to listen to new ideas, whether those come from old pros or young up and comers.

Bands like Fleetwood Mac, although they still tour and record new songs, actually rely heavily on the packaged media industry to revitalize and reconnect fans to their past catalog, Fleetwood said.

As far as digital downloading goes, Fleetwood said he and other musicians of his ilk have mostly come to terms with it, especially as rampant piracy seems to be transitioning to legal options.

“I felt very strongly about it, but I came around more quickly than some other people who probably should have come around quickly, like the record labels,” he said. “It still blows my mind how they didn't see this coming.”

He advised the industry to go after baby boomers — including himself in the mix — who have an affection for physical products and quality.

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