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Late Thorward's <i>Movie Monitor</i> Continues

31 Dec, 2002 By: Anne Sherber

When video industry veteran Rich Thorward died unexpectedly last October, the fate of Movie Monitor, Thorward's 15-year-old video buying guide for retailers, was in question. But Thorward's sister and business partner, Gretchen Thorward Van Hassel, has hired another industry veteran, Richard Goffman, to keep the resource up and running.

“We are definitely going to keep it going,” said Goffman, the service's new editor, who has worked in the video business for 25 years, with stints at Metro Video, Star Video, Valley Media and Central Park Media.

Goffman said that, although the issue that immediately proceeded Thorward's death was “about a week late,” the service has continued uninterrupted. Thorward, who held an MBA from Harvard University, devised a number of formulas to help video retailers make sensible buying decisions, based on the specifics of their businesses.

The service is offered in a print version, an online version and an interactive online version located on the Video Software Dealers Association Web site.

Goffman said Movie Monitor has between 600 and 700 customers representing thousands of storefronts, “from tiny mom-and-pops to megastores,” spread across the United States and Canada.

Ex-VSDA board member Harold Rosenbaum, who owns two video stores in New Jersey, said he has subscribed to the service for 15 years and has always found the recommendations useful. “I'm glad they decided to keep it running,” Rosenbaum said. “Rich Goffman is a knowledgeable and qualified person in the industry.”

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