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Laguna Acquires Two 3-D Films From Peruvian Animation House Alpamayo

9 Feb, 2008 By: Angelique Flores


Laguna Productions has made more strides in diversifying its catalog. The latest addition comes from Peruvian animation house Alpamayo Entertainment.

Laguna will release on DVD Pirates March 18 (prebook Feb. 19) and Dragons April 8 (prebook March 7). Each title will be priced at $14.95.

These are the first 3-D animated features made in Peru, said Monica Ricardez, Laguna's director of business and market development.

Laguna has translated the films into English and recorded English-language voiceovers to reach a wider audience from the younger Latino generation, which may not speak Spanish as a primary language, to the non-Spanish-speaking cross market, Ricardez said. Laguna has brought these films to the United States for international distribution and will market them primarily as English-language films to make them more attractive in the U.S. market.

While the stories of each of the films are universal, Pirates has a Peruvian flavor in that it addresses a historical event in Peruvian history.

“These are great animated feature films that represent the diversification of our catalog,” Ricardez said. “They are proof of the talent and quality of Latin animators outside of the United States.”

The DVDs will contain both the new English-language track as well as the Spanish-language tracks from the original productions.

The original films Dragones: Destino de Fuego (2006) and Piratas en al Callao (2005) had limited theatrical releases in Mexico, South America and Central America. Piratas also screened at Chicago's International Children's Film Festival and garnered an estimated $500,000 at the box office.

The two films are the first animated films that Laguna will distribute, and the company expects they will appeal not only to kids, but also to the entire family.

Laguna's acquisition of these films demonstrates the company's expansion of its catalog in an effort to cater to a diverse Latino market. The company has acquired more films targeted at younger Latino audiences, from children to young adults, as well as more family-friendly fare. Such releases include the novelas “Las Juanas” and “Como en el Cine” as well as the films Cielo and La Sorpresa, which feature young, contemporary Mexican actors.

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