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Lack of DVD Rental Window Actually Grows Spending in the United Kingdom, Research Says

15 Jul, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Research from media tracking company Screen Digest shows that having no DVD rental window, despite drawing retailers' ire, actually increases rental revenue on both VHS and DVD in the United Kingdom.

Screen Digest tracked all releases in 2001 in the United Kingdom and found that titles without a DVD rental window experienced an 80 percent increase in DVD rental spending over titles with a rental window. VHS rental spending increased 24 percent without a DVD rental window. Meanwhile, sellthrough spending on such titles jumped 68 percent.

Overall, consumer spending was 33 percent better for titles without a DVD rental window.

Screen Digest estimates the consumer video market could have generated an additional $100 million in 2001 if all titles for the year had been released without a DVD rental window.

Presenting the data at the recent “DVD at 5” conference in Los Angeles, Screen Digest's executive director, Ben Keen, said it's the concentrated marketing message titles get when there is no rental window that makes the difference.

“Consumers get a stronger message about the availability of product and then make a choice,” Keen said.

Since the format's launch, suppliers outside the United States have experimented with DVD rental windows. Some provide short four-to-eight-week windows; some use longer windows, mirroring the traditional VHS rental market; and others have no DVD rental window at all internationally, as in the United States.

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