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Kultur to Release Tolkien Title

24 Jul, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

There are two types of “Lord of the Rings” fans -- the kind that sit in the movie and quote along with every line, cringing at changes from the books, and the kind that sit in the movie and may scratch their heads in bewilderment at certain parts.

Kultur Video has a line of titles to satisfy both types of fans with its “Inside Tolkien” series of documentaries that delve into the world and characters of Middle-earth via interviews and discussions with screenwriters, authors and J.R.R. Tolkien professors and scholars. The third installment, Inside Tolkien's The Return of the King, streets Oct. 28 (prebook Aug 26) on DVD and VHS ($14.95 each) to coincide with New Line's final film hitting theaters Dec. 17.

The previous two releases were also timed to the theatrical releases and a three-pack is in the works, said Dennis Hedlund, president and CEO of Kultur International Films.

DVD extras on all three titles include a conversation with Tolkien experts Tim and Greg Hildebrandt -- Tolkien: His Life and Work -- featuring personal interviews with Tolkien family members and close associates.

“They're fascinating,” Hedlund said. “They're independent documentaries that follow the journeys of the characters and talk about the background of the characters. For someone who may not have had the time or the opportunity or the wherewithal to read the books, these can serve as a kind of Cliffs Notes.”

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