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Kmart To Court Minivan Moms

28 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

Kmart is expected to introduce a new tagline: "Kmart. For real life," by mid-February, as the company struggles with its bankruptcy.

Previous ads focused on brand names and prices, but the new campaign, from TBWAChiatDay and Don Coleman Advertising, will shift attention to more of a Wal-mart style approach with"what real life means to shopping moms," the target audience, one source told Adweek.

Spike Lee, via his 40 Acres and a Mule production company, directed the ads. Lee shot at least four spots in New York last week, Adweek reported.

Kmart's previous tag, "Blue light always," is expected to flicker out Kmart's former president and COO Mark Schwartz, who left the company shortly before the bankruptcy filing, was the champion behind that effort. A Kmart spokesman said the decision to shift its ad strategy was made before the bankruptcy filing.

In a statement following the bankruptcy announcement, Kmart CEO Charles Conaway said the proceedings would include "investing in key merchandising and marketing initiatives to enhance Kmart's strategic positioning as the authority for what moms value."

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