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Kidvid DVD Hopes to Sow Seeds of Environmentalism

27 Dec, 2006 By: Billy Gil

Al Gore isn't the only one getting people to go green. Rather than simply teaching kids about the benefits of environmental friendliness, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment hopes kids will become active environmentalists with the Jan. 30 release of the first two volumes of the PBS Kids series “It's a Big, Big World”: Investigate Your World and The Sky Above.

Each DVD volume contains five episodes of the show, is partially packaged with post-consumer product and sells at $14.94. Included with each DVD is a packet of sensitive plant seeds.

“We think that kids will really enjoy these,” said Lisa Jean, SPHE's director of marketing for family and special interests. “If you grow the seeds and they start to flourish, if you touch them, they move around a little bit. It's sort of playful in a way.”

“It's a Big, Big World” uses animal puppetry, set against CGI-backgrounds, to provoke scientific curiosity in children, raising and answering questions such as “where do rainbows come from?” and “what is the moon made of?” The show is set in an exotic rainforest, where a group of animals led by Snook, an “energetic” tree sloth, guide children through an entertaining and informative lesson on the environment using music and humor.

“When you look at his personality, Snook's so engaging with kids,” Jean said. “There's security … trust. Granted, by definition a sloth is lazy, but he's so fun.”

“It's a Big, Big World” was nominated for an Environmental Media Award, which honors film and television productions that increase environmental awareness and action. Emmy Award-winning creator Mitchell Kriegman works closely with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which tackles issues such as global warming.

“Environmental concerns are topical lately, and they affect all generations, so we felt it's never too early to have these conversations,” Jean said. “We wanted to introduce them in away that could be both educational and fun.”

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