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Kathy Smith Goes to Goldhil

11 Jan, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Kathy Smith, one of the strongest brand names in fitness market, is throwing her considerable market weight in with Goldhil Entertainment.

Goldhil's health and wellness arm, Naturaljourneys, will work with the workout guru on new programming and to re-launch her best selling library of titles, according to Goldhil.

Smith's releases previously were distributed by Sony Wonder.

In May, Goldhil will release two titles from Smith's library, which will include classic workouts and new bonus features.

This spring Goldhil also plans new programming from the fitness star, which will feature her “Matrix System,” a new integrated weight-training program.

“When we landed Kathy, we felt like we really struck gold,” said Mark Guila, SVP of acquisitions and new business development for Goldhil.

Smith has sold more than $50 million in infomercial products and 16 million workouts worldwide.

“The Naturaljourneys brand is driven by top leaders with a proven track record and together we're going to give people the wellness solutions they need for a strong, healthy lifestyle,” Smith said of her new home.

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