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Kanakaris Launches Spanish Language VOD

22 Jul, 2002 By: Hive News

Kanakaris Wireless today launched an online Spanish language movie site in partnership with LAIN, the Latin American Independent Network.

According to Jupiter Communications, there are 10.6 million Internet users in Latin America. By 2004, there should be about 67 million. In addition, Spanish-speaking Americans are one of the fastest growing segments of the Internet audience. All the Spanish films are accessible from Kanakaris.com's home page.

Kanakaris will also distribute Spanish language VHS and DVD movies to retailers through its Fast Forward Marketing subsidiary.

The company will launch, simultaneously, in Pay-Per-View, an Argentinean film in Spanish, in its CinemaniaNetwork online channel and with English subtitles in its CinemaPop online channel. Yellow Flowers on the Window directed by Victor J. Ruiz with Arturo Bonin and Katja Alemann takes place in 1920s Argentinean Patagonia.

"This is the first time that this has happened on the Internet and it will become a trend for the future," said Julio Neri, president of LAIN. "Spanish descendents in the U.S. are now 35 million strong. This has been noticed by the movie studios. Fox has launched a Home Entertainment department in Spanish, selling dubbed and subtitled movies. They are now also launching Spanish original movies subtitled into English.

"Kanakaris.com is rapidly expanding the interactive Internet benefits of its $4.95 per month All-Access Pass, and we're distributing Spanish titles in VHS and DVD to retailers," said Alex Kanakaris, editor-in-chief t Kanakaris.com. "We are excited to team up with LAIN and CinemaniaNetwork.com to offer a great Spanish language online movie selection as part of the Kanakaris.com goliath movie Web site. Our $4.95 per month All-Access-Pass users get unlimited access to most of these movies, and we also offer Pay-Per-View for individual titles as well as special major releases.

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