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'Jurassic Park III' Becomes Sellthrough Quarry Dec. 11

21 Sep, 2001 By: Jessica Wolf

Universal Studios Home Video will unleash Jurassic Park III at sellthrough Dec. 11 (prebook Oct. 23) on VHS cassette and a Collector'sEdition DVD, which includes 10 hours of programming.

The VHS is priced at $22.98 and the Collector's Edition DVD, available in both widescreen and full-frame versions, is priced at $26.98.Universal is also offering a four-disc Jurassic Park Trilogy DVD collection, which will include all three features plus a bonus “BeyondJurassic Park” disc, at $75.98.

Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Video, says the supplier planned a sellthrough release after pre-theatrical screenings, but it wasn't necessarily a foregone conclusion. Studio heads realized that there had to be a lot of energy and action in a film when it expands to a third franchise. “Before we ever saw the movie we were wondering if we could come out with the sellthrough release. We asked ourselves, is it watchable? Is it repeatable? And the answer was yes.”

Both previous Jurassic Park films were released at sellthrough as well. Jurassic Park shipped 21.5 million units and Jurassic Park: TheLost World shipped 14.5 million units, according to Video Store Magazineresearch. Kornblau says though the third installment didn't earn as much as either of its predecessors in theaters with a take of $177 million, it “far surpassed the studio's expectations.” Jurassic Park earned $356.2 million domestically and The Lost World clocked $229.1 million atthe box office.

Jurassic Park III DVD extras include a guided tour of dinosaur designer Stan Winston's ILM studios; a step-by-step look at the computergraphics; commentary by the special effects team; "The Making of JurassicPark III"; The New Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park III; a “DinosaurTurntable,” a 3D look at the 12 dinos created for the film; as well as storyboards, production drawings and games.

Stan Winston talked recently about the role that DVD can play in inspiring new filmmakers and special effects creators. “If these things were not done, I don't think we'd have as many new filmmakers, artists or technological minds as interested in getting into this field of doing more of what's been done in ways people have never seen it,” Winston says.

Kornblau credits Winston for the bounty of special features Universal has been able to provide for the “Jurassic Park” franchise.“He has been a supporter from the earliest release of Jurassic Park onVHS,” Kornblau says. “He is the ultimate believer in helping add value to these releases.”

The special trilogy collection comes in a collectible slipcase thatUniversal is also offering to DVD buyers who may already have the first two DVDs. They can order the bonus DVD and slipcase via mail for $6.95.

Kornblau says it was important to Universal “to accommodate people whobought the two-pack,” but the company is looking forward to a new and increased DVD buyership this holiday season and will target these latestreleases to them.

Kornblau also predicts a strong, if not record-breaking fourth quarter for home video, with Jurassic Park III performing as one of the top five in the mix of heavy hitters like Pearl Harbor, Shrek and Star Wars: Episode One.

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