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Jamie Kennedy Invites ‘Hecklers'

4 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Actor, producer, writer and comedian Jamie Kennedy's documentary Heckler follows the comedian as he tours across the nation and chronicles his encounters with critics and hecklers. He took a few minutes to chat with Home Media Magazine about the Sept. 9 DVD from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.
  • HM: What's your initial reaction to a heckler?

  • Kennedy: It depends on the situation. If the comedian, the performer or the athlete does something that warrants it, then by all means, heckle away. Especially if your heckle is creative and really cuts him down, but if it's just ‘you suck' or ‘you're a f----n' hack,' or ‘you should be banned,' etc., then you're less creative than the performer you're railing against. If you're gonna come with it, come with it better.

  • HM: How do you respond to people who might argue: ‘I paid. I'm not satisfied. I reserve the right to criticize this.'

  • Kennedy: They are 100% valid in their right to criticize, and by all means do so. My argument isn't with them. They're the consumer, and if they purchase a product that they don't like, or doesn't work for them, then by all means, slam it! My argument is with the uninformed mob-smear mentality — the people who just jump on the bandwagon, and insult you, but they've never seen your work, or have no idea who you are.

    Here's a simple little example. I was on a very popular blog the other day, Perezhilton.com, and he put a picture of me that clearly was not a good picture, and all the comments are ‘What happened to Jamie Kennedy?,' ‘He looks like he's on drugs,' ‘He got fat,' ‘He looks like he's snorting gasoline and meth with a heroine chaser,' etc. That just makes my blood boil because they're simply ridiculous falsities. They don't know the history ... not only of me NOT doing drugs, but the reason I look bad in that picture was all pious. I had just done an hour show at the casino, flown all night in, took a red eye the night before. He caught me at a bad angle, but because of the power of the Internet, I'm the hideous hell-child of Charles Manson, Timothy Leary and Carol Channing.

  • HM: Are there any DVDs you watch over and over again?

  • Kennedy: Alpha Dog. Such a good movie on so many levels. Every performance is awesome. So good, real and gritty. Saturday Night Fever. Classic. Like forever and ever, all I want to be when I watch that is John Travolta. American Movie. So real I thought it was fake. The Outsiders. Timeless classic. Again, Matt Dillon, I wish I was him from that movie in my life. And of course, my generation's Godfather, The Breakfast Club. I mean is it not the most watchable movie ever? People should really watch M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable. That is such a misunderstood, underrated, movie. … I put it up there with Watchmen.

  • HM: What extras can we expect on the Heckler DVD?

  • Kennedy: I'm gonna show you some extra fight footage with Uwe Boll. I'm gonna show you a prank phone call I did with Bob Saget in front of 2,000 people, tons of heckles that we couldn't use, my chiropractor telling me he's funnier than I am and just extra interviews with some of the people in the movie that we didn't have room for. I'll also show behind the scenes of getting prepared for a comedy show, and comics really busting other comics' balls in the green room, and an alternate ending.

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