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<I>Voyage</I> Scores High in Latest Fox TV DVD Poll

6 Oct, 2003 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Fans of TV shows on DVD would rather see “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” a classic sci-fi program from the 1960s, than “The Practice,” “Ally McBeal” or even “The Simpsons,” according to preliminary results from a poll on the Fox TV DVD Web site.

Presented with a list of 25 shows, fans said they'd most like to see “Voyage” appear on DVD, giving the series -- which ran from 1964 until 1968 -- 21.1 percent of their votes.

Only the TV show “The Pretender” garnered more votes, with 24.3 percent of fans surveyed making it their top pick.

After “Voyage,” the most in-demand series is “The Lone Gunmen” (16.7 percent), a spinoff of “The X-Files” that premiered in March 2001.

The only other programs in the double digits are “The Wonder Years” (13.1 percent), “Millennium” (10.4 percent) and “Roswell” (10.2 percent).

“Ally McBeal” got 6 percent of the votes, “The Practice” received 3.5 percent, and “The Simpsons” got 9.3 percent.

The fewest votes: the broad “reality TV programming” category, with 1.7 percent.

Gord Lacey, who operates the TV Shows on DVD Web site, applauds polls such as this, which are being conducted with increasing frequency by studios anxious to minimize their risk in issuing bulky “complete season” boxed sets of TV shows on DVD.

“It's nice that the studios are willing to listen to what consumers want,” Lacey said. “Sometimes consumers feel the studios don't listen; this is helping to erase those thoughts.”

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