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<I>Video Store Magazine</I> Announces an All-Star Lineup That Can&#8217;t Be Beat <BR> By DON ROSENBERG

28 Jun, 2001 By: Don Rosenberg

Video Store Magazine has a unique position in the home entertainment market. When any product is first to market — as we were in 1979 as the original business publication devoted to the retailing of video — it can never lose that distinction of being first. But that doesn’t ensure it will last.

We are gratified that our lasting power has spanned 22 years. Even more fortunate is that, due largely to DVD and other new media and retailing technology, we are entering an era of renewed confidence and innovation in a dynamic industry that has redefined our culture.

Our editorial mission has never wavered: provide pertinent information that helps you make betterbusiness decisions. Increasingly, we bridge the business of home entertainment, providing analysis in the newsweekly of record and dispensing daily news and product information on the industry’s mostpopular Web site, Hive4media.com.

Even better is to have the opportunity to do this while working among so many good people.

We also appreciate the benefit of working alongside a counterpart, Video Business magazine, thatover the years has proved its consistent quality and eye for talented journalists. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to combine what we, and many of our industry friends, consider the best of both worlds in creating a kind of all-star team of editors and reporters covering the business of homeentertainment.

Last October, we were pleased to announce in this space the naming of familiar industry figure Bruce Apar as editorial director of Video Store Magazine. As editor-in-chief and associate publisher at Video Business, where he was for 11 years, Bruce established a reputation that we were happy to inherit.

To underscore how committed Advanstar Communications is to the direction he is helping lead our video properties, Bruce has earned the additional title of editor-in-chief. He and executive editor Stephanie Prange, along with the rest of our growing, all-star staff, will continue to make sure you keep pace with the exciting and varied changes powering home entertainment.

Fittingly, Bruce is being reunited at Video Store with other previous staff members from VideoBusiness. Recently, we announced the addition of senior editor Joan Villa, who has returned to our pages after starting to cover home video here in 1987.

Two other Video Business alumni now call Video Store home: Senior editor of new media John Gaudiosi, the premier business writer on video games, who used to report for Variety and VB, now will be filing scoops for us and The Hollywood Reporter, extending our previous editorial alliancewith the entertainment daily. John also will continue to write for The Washington Post and appear asa games expert this fall on an NBC News special report.

Senior reporter Enrique Rivero is a DVD buff as well as leading writer on the format that is taking over the industry. His tenure at Video Business and, before that, at the Los Angeles Daily Newsfurther enhances our all-star stable of top journalists.

Yet another key addition to our championship team is new managing editor Holly J. Wagner, whose resume would fill even one of our larger-than-life pages. She’s done every editorial job imaginable at dailies, weeklies and monthlies. But what really sold us on hiring Holly is her inimitable style, as reflected in her email address: princesswhoopass@hotmail.com. How do you compete with that?

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