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<I>The Matrix Reloaded</I> Has a Hold on DVD Shelves

21 Oct, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Retailers and DVD shoppers loaded up on The Matrix Reloaded last week.

Almost every Best Buy shopper in a winding line was holding a copy of the title last week at a Costa Mesa, Calif., location.

Best Buy's Sunday mailer for the region touted the chain's low pricing for the hit title and placed a limit of three copies per customer.

A nearby Fry's Electronics store placed a single-copy limit on shoppers. Both electronics chains went all out merchandising the bevy of tie-in products for the title.

Stocked on Best Buy's new-release table were plenty of copies of Matrix Reloaded alongside soundtrack CDs, copies of Enter the Matrix for all gaming platforms, and DVDs of The Matrix, Matrix Revisited and The Animatrix. More than a few shoppers were lured into picking up The Animatrix. One DVD buyer picked up the title, excitedly telling his friend, “This is supposed to explain a bunch of stuff.”

At Fry's, a special merchandiser next to the store's new-release endcap offered Enter the Matrix games, Matrix music CDs and a 99-cent Matrix screensaver.

Meanwhile, TV-on-DVD releases continued to gobble up space in the video section at last week's Best Buy location, and VHS was nowhere to be seen.

It was a light week on other new releases, with not much competition for Reloaded, although The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition DVD hit shelves last week and was already sold out the day after street at a Costa Mesa Circuit City. Most retailers also highlighted The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with sale prices on the DVD.

Two video clerks at a nearby Target hadn't even heard of the new Massacre special-edition DVD and didn't have any of the classic horror title's original DVD release in stock. “But I bet we'll get some more soon, because the new movie is coming out,” one clerk said.

Some of Fox's new DVD collector's sets popped up on shelves last week. The studio's Ultimate Action Collection got heavy play at Best Buy, and the Ultimate Chick Flick Collection was highlighted on Fry's new-release endcap.

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