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ITC Ones Adds Apple TV to Customizable Theater System

19 Mar, 2008 By: Billy Gil

SE2 Labs has made Apple TV 2.0 supportable by its Integrated Theater Console (ITC) One, which allows consumers to design their own home entertainment system. ITC adds Apple TV to its list of supportable products, which includes Microsoft Windows Media Center.

“Given the changing landscape of electronics and the growing demand for entertainment at your fingertips, it's important for the ITC One to serve as much as a vehicle for content acquisition as it is a performance vehicle for replaying content,” said SE2 Labs Founder and CEO Michael Pyle. “Apple TV and Windows Media Center are the two of the most powerful engines available for acquiring and enjoying content.”

ITC One also recently added a Blu-ray Disc drive to the console. ITC Ones can be designed at www.se2labs.com.

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