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It's Time to Panic

3 Jul, 2002 By: Joan Villa

Panic Room will rattle home video audiences Sept. 17 (prebook Aug. 15) when it arrives on VHS and DVD as the first-ever hit title to debut in Columbia TriStar's “Superbit” high-fidelity format.

Superbit technology uses special digital encoding to optimize visual detail and offer a choice DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

The Jodie Foster starrer tallied $95 million at the box office. Foster's character and her daughter are forced into their new home's secret safe room by a gang of intruders. David Fincher (Fight Club), directed for an intense, claustrophobic effect, with all the action occurring in a multilevel New York brownstone.

Superbit technology reallocates space normally used for value-added content, so special features on the Panic Room DVD are limited to widescreen presentation, digitally mastered audio and anamorphic video, theatrical trailers, filmographies and French and English audio and subtitled tracks. The title is $27.96 on DVD and priced for rental on VHS.

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